TimberTech Decking

TimberTech Decking

Learn about Low-Maintenance TimberTech Decking & Railings
TimberTech entered the alternative, composite decking market in 1997 and like all composite decking manufacturers, they’ve gone through many product upgrades since the first line of TimberTech decking was released.

What is TimberTech Decking?

TimberTech entered the alternative decking market in 1997 and, like all composite decking manufacturers, they’ve gone through many product upgrades since the first line of TimberTech decking products was released.

Much like Trex, Fiberon, and others, TimberTech railings and decking are made from capped composite lumber boards, which feature an added shell providing extra protection against moisture, staining, and fading.

If you are shopping for a composite wood deck, you are likely looking for capped composite decking. What sets TimberTech decking apart from the competition is that it’s capped on all four sides – all the way around each composite decking board – for complete protection against moisture. This makes TimberTech deck maintenance quick and easy.

The TimberTech Composite Decking Products Lineup

TimberTech offers a rich product line with many colors and options to choose from. Each includes a 30-year limited fade and stain warranty with the same great low-maintenance promise. From TimberTech redwood decking to slate gray TimberTech railings, we offer the colors and styles that will enhance the beauty of your home.

TimberTech Terrain Collection

The most affordable of the TimberTech decking options, this collection accomplishes the job of getting you a beautiful, low-maintenance composite deck without an extravagant cost. Available in warm browns and neutral grays, this is the workhorse of the TimberTech decking lineup, standing up to harsh weather and resisting mold, mildew, and moisture damage.

TimberTech Reserve Collection

The newest option in the TimberTech decking lineup, the Reserve Collection has a richer look. If you are looking for multi-colored streaking and classic wood grains that match the look of reclaimed wood, and other popular hardwoods, the TimberTech Reserve Collection is a solid option. Get the rustic look of reclaimed hardwoods without the added cost and enjoy your TimberTech deck’s maintenance-free finish.

TimberTech Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection by TimberTech is ideal for those who have a hard time accepting a wood imitation – the “purist” who would prefer real wood but doesn’t want the maintenance of a wood deck. TimberTech deck maintenance is a breeze with the Legacy Collection, TimberTech’s premium product that beautifully captures the aesthetic of real wood with unique color variations on each board. There are no perfect replacements for real wood, but this TimberTech decking option comes close.

As a preferred TimberTech decking installer, we have samples of each product available and would love to talk with you about the TimberTech railing and decking options that best fit your custom deck project.

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