Deck Lights

Deck Lights

Low-voltage LED Lighting for Decks, Pergolas and Landscaping
Deck lighting -- and landscape lights in general -- illuminates steps and other tripping hazards, but just as importantly, they create ambience by adding a warm and welcoming glow to any outdoor space. When we’re building a deck, lighting is always a component of our proposed design.

Lights For Your Deck or Pergola

When the day’s work is done and it’s finally time to relax on your deck, lighting helps extend that longed-for enjoyment time. When dusk arrives and the deck lights up, the atmosphere kicks up a notch when you have the right lighting in place.

Low-voltage lighting systems add you your enjoyment in so many ways, by:

  • Prolonging the time you spend outside;
  • Illuminating potential tripping hazards;
  • Adding character to your deck space;
  • Creating a visual sense of warmth and excitement, even from inside your home!ight Post LEDs



We offer a wide range of long-lasting, low-voltage LED decking lights that work just as well for landscapes applications. We believe in LED lighting because of its long life and low electricity consumption. And most lighting systems can be added to your existing deck, patio, or landscaping.

Contact us for a free lighting consultation and we’ll show you how the right deck lighting can help you get the most out of your outdoor living space.

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