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Woodland's Story

Hi, I’m Steve. I’m proud of the custom deck design and building work we’ve done at Woodland Deck over the last decade, and the reputation we’ve built along with our decks. We’re the premier deck construction company in Northeast Ohio, and dozens of 5-star Google reviews from happy customers prove it. Come on in and stay a while! I can’t wait to share what I know about decks with you.

Beginning Years

I never wanted to grow a business. When I started Woodland Deck Company back in 2000, it was a result of a college career gone bad. Growing up during my high school years, I loved to job-hop around. My goal was to have a new job each summer and each school year (I worked part-time during the school year). I continued this pattern into my college days, always enjoying learning a new job or role and then getting bored with it once I figured it out. This seemed to soothe my A.D.H.D. I attended the University of Akron for construction management and, at one point, seriously considered going into forestry to become a park ranger. Once I graduated from college, I got my first real job. I thought this was it. I would finally be doing something that I would do for the rest of my life. I got an OFFICE JOB. This was my first time not having a “hands-on” type of job. I remember after the initial newness wore off; a major wave of envy swept over me. I was sitting in my office, gazing out of the window, and watching the landscapers mowing the lawn. I thought to myself, “I would do anything to trade jobs with them.” I wanted to be outside working with my hands, enjoying the sunshine, and feeling good about life. Instead, I was here stuck in this air-conditioned office pushing some papers around. About two years later, I did what I always did when I got bored with something; I moved on.

The Start of Woodland

This time, however, I was determined to find my dream job. I was going to be patient and find the right fit for me. Most of my high-school and college summer jobs were in the construction field and outside. All being entry-level positions, they ranged from being a carpenter, electrician, surveyor, landscaper, and mechanic. However, my favorite job was rough-framing houses and landscaping. I loved the creativity that landscaping offered and the technical challenges that house framing presented. As I hovered in-between jobs, I gravitated toward deck building. This would allow me to get the best of both worlds; I could be creative and technical at the same time, all the while working in the beautiful outdoors. My hobbies echoed my passion for the outdoors: I was an avid backpacker, got into climbing, mountain biking, camping; really, anything in the woods. (Hence the name…) I started building decks. This was going to tide me over until the “right job” came along. As time passed and I started reflecting and talking to people, I started thinking, “Maybe I’m doing my dream job right now!”

As more time passed, this became more and more apparent to me. Fast forward 23 years and I can tell you: Wow! Do I love what I do! I love building spaces for our clients to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. This rich gift of God’s creation that I so enjoy; I get to share with others. I get to provide spaces for them to have dinner outside, birthday parties with their kids, and a cup of coffee in the morning on a Saturday. In addition to loving what I do, I have been blessed with the most amazing team of people here at Woodland.

Woodland has grown way above my wildest dreams.

As all of you know, you can have a dream job. But, if you are surrounded by a bunch of jerks, this will soon turn into the worst job ever. The people at Woodland are the most amazing bunch and it’s what makes coming to work a blast. When I’m not at Woodland, I still love to be outside. Now, I have more people in my life to share it with. I married the most amazing woman, and we have eight children: four boys and four girls. We love to spend time outside on our property, go camping, backpacking, mountain biking, and go skiing with the kids now for a much, much, richer experience. I also hesitantly admit that I got into birdwatching of late… my age is creeping up. A lot has changed since I first started Woodland Deck Company. I now know what my mission is and I have gray hair. Woodland has grown way above my wildest dreams. One thing that has remained the same is my love for the outdoors. I know we are challenged by the abundance of screen time in our lives. The message that is now more important than ever is that our children need to be outside more and on screens less. I hope that you create a lifestyle for yourself and your family that embraces the outdoors and maximizes your time there!

Our Process

1. We get to know you:

We are looking to understand your dream and vision for the outdoors, but we don’t stop there. Not sure what the scope is? We can help!

2. In home consultation:

One of our sales designers will meet with you at your home. We will walk through project specifics and work with you to better understand your vision.

3. Design and proposal:

Once we understand the goals, scope, budget, and project specifics we then present a design and estimate for the project.

4. During construction:

An on-site project manager will be assigned to your project. He will handle all ins and outs of the project during the construction.

5. Construction complete:

Our project managers will ensure that your deck is ready for you to enjoy.

  • Final inspection
  • Final payment

Next Day Estimate

Trust Woodland to deliver a fast estimate, skilled construction team and focused attention to detail – so you can start making memories on your custom deck in no time! Get your next-day estimate.