Family & Friends Deck


576 SQFT

Rocky Harbor

Trex Enhance Decking

Family & Friends Deck

This family wanted a deck that could satisfy all areas of hosting. They dreamed of a place to catch up around the fire roasting marshmallows. They wanted a dining space to enjoy good conversations and a place to grill up burgers on a day of celebration. We got the pleasure to sit with them, designing the deck around all these dreams and visions for their new outdoor space.

They chose to add a pavilion to their design, preparing for the harsh summer days when the sun would be in full swing. The pavilion provides a nice contrast from one side of the deck to the other, and our roof-matching capabilities make it look like it belongs with the home. Not only was protection from the sun a priority for this family, but also was the way the deck transitioned into the yard.

The stairs we built introduced a seamless flow from the deck to the grass, making it easy for dogs to go from stealing food from them to playing recklessly in the yard. The long open stairs capture a better view of the backyard and the many memories that will take place. The end product captured everything they envisioned and we are thankful to have been the ones to help execute their dream.

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