Custom Pool Deck Design Westlake, OH


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Custom Pool Deck Design Westlake, OH

One of the common goals that we have on a lot of our projects is to develop a plan that allows the entire backyard to function together as a whole. If possible, we try to harmonize the deck to the other elements in the yard (existing or future) so that all the areas feel connected, well-thought out, and purposeful.

After the completion of this new home, the owners envisioned a back yard that would be a fun place to hang out on the weekends. With a larger extended family, they wanted to use the entirety of the yard and really capitalize on their setting.

They were planning to have an in-ground pool installed, and they envisioned a deck that would come out from the kitchen and living room at a higher elevation than the pool patio. They did not want to obstruct the view with the railings to the pool, so we went with a wide staircase that would spill out onto the pool patio. This accomplished two things: it allowed an open view to the pool, and it provided an inviting access from the deck to the pool.

The owners also wanted some privacy on the deck. We opted for a living wall (arborvitae in pots) to create this effect and add a natural element to the structure. We also included pergolas, a grill area, and low-voltage deck lights. The result is an inviting, uniquely-designed backyard that can be used day or night.

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