Custom Curved Deck


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Custom Curved Deck

Most professionals only get the evenings to enjoy their backyard decks. When life is so busy with work, it’s often later on in the evening that it’s finally time to relax and kick back. This was a large focus of this deck design. It had to accommodate the late evening party.

With the two-level design, there would be an area for cooking with the usual table and chairs that would be on the same level as the kitchen floor. We try to incorporate the cooking and dining areas as close to the kitchen as possible in our designs. This would be for obvious reasons. Why hassle with trying to carry a tray down a flight of stairs and have to walk 30 feet to get to the grill?

The lower level would be for hanging out around the fire-pit. That would be the designated area for soft seating and fire gazing. When the evening would get late, watching a fire and reflecting on the day was something this deck called for.

The curves just flow out from the house that is quite square. The curved deck softens the house and the landscaping nestles it. The two levels cascade into the yard.

White deck railing and fascia match the trim of the house but also make the deck pop even at night with the low-voltage deck lights on.

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