Backyard Hideaway



1000 SQFT

Rocky Harbor

Trex Enhance Decking, Trex Transcend Railing, Trex Select Accent Boards, Built-in Kitchen, Garage Door Pavilion

Backyard Hideaway

The homeowners live in a very beautiful house and neighborhood, however, they felt their deck did not match the same level of aesthetic. Their deck was not aging well—Ohio’s ever-changing weather took a toll on the deck with constant bending, cracking, and peeling. After some careful thought and research, they decided to go with a Trex composite deck to last them many years to come.

They chose the Trex Transcends Tiki Torch colorway and a Vintage Lantern accent board. The darker accent board brings a tasteful contrast to the deck, making the lighter decking pop. The lighter wood matches the house color, where the dark accent board matches the pergola and the accent pieces of the house.

The homeowners envisioned a retreat away from the stress of life and a nice place to have people over. The addition of the pavilion checked off all those boxes. With the desire of a welcoming and restful space, a grill, sink, and bar top were also installed under the pavilion. Lastly, to keep the pavilion safe from animals, they added a drop-down garage system. The end product was truly an oasis away from the busyness of life.

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