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Woodland deck company has been serving Stow Homeowners since 2000. We are Expert Deck Design, Building and Repair in N.E. Ohio.

Custom Deck Design and Deck Construction in Stow

Stow has lots of suburban lifestyle and is a great place to invest in living. If you have a pet, one of the best places to go is Bow Wow Dog Park. You can enjoy watching your dog have fun and soak up the sun at the same time. Additionally, you can indulge in 18 holes at Fox Run Golf Course, with several others nearby. Stow is a wonderful community to live in and experience nature.

In addition, Stow has one of the largest Homeowners’ Association (HOA) communities in the area and we have worked with both homeowners and local property managers of many HOAs to provide deck design solutions that are fitting for all. Woodland Deck takes care of all zoning and building permits, as well as any HOA guidelines pertaining to deck construction. Every one of our deck design projects includes a detailed layout, 3-D imagery of the deck, and deck construction specifications giving both the homeowner and HOAs confidence in the integrity and aesthetics of our projects.

Deck building adds so much to your property, giving you easy access to your backyard so you can enjoy the view. We work with you to figure out what design would best fit your yard, house, and ideas. Whether you’ve got a steep hill or lots of space to work with, we’ve faced every Stow deck-building challenge out there. Let’s work together to make you home look even more wonderful!


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