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Woodland deck company has been serving Lakewood Homeowners since 2000. We are Expert Deck Design, Building and Repair in N.E. Ohio.

Custom Deck Design and Deck Construction in Lakewood

Known as the “City of Beautiful Homes,” many of the houses in Lakewood were built prior to 1930. They offer historic charm, diverse architecture, and a warm front porch culture that also extends to the backyards. Considered to be one of the finest suburbs of Cleveland, Lakewood sits close to Lake Erie in that it’s easy to go run the sand through your fingers or take a quick dip. Always popular, Lakewood Park shines as a great place to be when the weather is clear and you want to soak up the sun. Offering 31 acres of attractions — including sports courts, swimming, and even a space for listening to concerts — there’s always something fun happening there. But the daylight hours aren’t the only time to visit Lakewood Park. Don’t miss the twilight vista as the sun sets and the Cleveland skyline lights up.

Depending on where your home is situated, you may be able to see the lights from your own home in Lakewood. Deck building or renovation may also be an option to improve your view if your outdoor experience is lacking. Even if your vista is the back of your neighbor’s house, a strategic pergola or privacy fencing can help. Woodland Deck’s expertise in deck remodeling stems from its strength in custom deck design. Let’s work together to build your dream deck!


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