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Woodland deck company has been serving Akron Homeowners since 2000. We are Expert Deck Design, Building and Repair in N.E. Ohio.

Custom Deck Design and Deck Construction in Akron

The City of Akron is a growing community with resilience and a hard-working ethic. Akron is home to Goodyear Tires and is known as the rubber capital of the world. If you want to spend some time outside, the Akron Zoo is a hot spot for families to enjoy. Lock 3 is a year-round, outside experience that provides ice-skating, concerts, and other events. When it’s raining you can enjoy the Akron Art Museum and its many special exhibits. Akron has lots to offer for your friends and family to experience.

Adding a custom deck to your home in Ohio is a big asset to you as a homeowner and will help you fully enjoy the City of Akron. Deck builders for over a decade providing professional, full-service custom design and construction, Woodland Deck will work with you to construct a deck that fits your style and desires. We will give you our best work and help you understand the deck building process along the way, so you can spend time enjoying your outdoor space more quickly.

The experience was a positive one. Communication was great. Minimal response time if I had a question. Very professional people and I have had many compliments on the quality of the installation. Would definitely recommend this company!
- Akron Homeowner

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