How to Make Your Deck (Virtually) Maintenance Free

How to Make Your Deck (Virtually) Maintenance Free

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April 22, 2024
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Spring is the time most of us think of deck restoration to complete the annual maintenance their outdoor spaces need, or to make improvements. While it is true that you need fair weather to restain a deck, we can restore your deck all throughout the year (even in the Winter as long as the weather is fair) using a process called deck resurfacing or replacement.

With deck resurfacing, we remove all the decking boards, railings, and stairs, and then replace them with brand-new, low-maintenance Trex composite decking materials. We do an inspection on the frame — the structure of the deck — and if it’s in good shape we simply re-use it. We might have to do some slight adjustments or repairs, but eight times out of 10, we can save the existing structure. That saves you money, takes less time, and is less invasive to your surrounding landscaping.

Replacing your old wood decking with low-maintenance composite decking allows you to deal with high-maintenance staining issues, once and for all. In addition, your peeling, splintering, and cupping issues will go away. The only maintenance that you need to commit to is an occasional deck washing to keep it looking fresh.

Deck restoration is a lower-cost way to achieve the look of a new deck without the cost. Unless you have an elevated deck, you won’t even see any of the original framing anyway — you’ll just see the beautiful new surface. This is a great chance to renovate your deck with new railings, lighting, and skirting for a totally new look. Essentially, you have all of the styling options you’d have on a new deck build, with the exception of the location and footprint.

Yes, deck restoration will cost you more than restaining a deck again this year, but you will only pay for the restoration once and you’ll be able to enjoy years of low-maintenance use.

It’s not too late to get ahead of the Spring deck restoration and building rush! Composite decking isn’t affected by Northeastern Ohio’s low temperatures and rough weather, so don’t wait until Spring. You’ll get the jump on your neighbors and be relaxing on your updated, new-looking deck while they’re paying yet another year to stain their old wooden deck.

About the Author

About the Author

I founded Woodland Deck in 2000 to create decks and outdoor spaces to be enjoyed for generations. Here in beautiful Northeast Ohio, we’re lucky to experience four dramatically different seasons throughout the year, and I want you to be able to enjoy each one of them from the comfort of your own backyard. As a deck-building company, we are always looking for ways to better our products, services, and ourselves. We are passionate about life outside and believe that enjoying God’s creation is a rich gift to us.

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