David Keiper

My name is David Keiper and I am one of the carpenters at Woodland Deck Company. Growing up, I always had an interest in building and fixing things. Because of this, I took to carpentry at a young age. I was always working with my dad on various projects, and helping my brother do remodels and finished basements.

My career working with Woodland began in 2013 as a summer job while I was in high school. This developed into a full time position once I graduated. From there, I moved around a bit; first to Florida, then Mexico, and then Washington State. Through all of these locations I honed my carpentry skills and developed my work ethic. I recently moved back to my home town of Akron and couldn’t be more excited to be back at Woodland.

My hobbies include enjoying life with my wife, Veda, and learning new skills like welding and leather crafting.

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