5 Transformative Deck Railings That Totally Change the Look of Your Deck

5 Transformative Deck Railings That Totally Change the Look of Your Deck

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April 22, 2024
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When we begin brainstorming a deck project, most of us tend to think of structural soundness, finding the right deck builder, choosing the right color of decking, staying within a certain budget, getting the style right, etc. However, sometimes the last bit of thought goes to the deck railing. This final detail can totally transform the look of your deck. Sometimes, that final detail can be overwhelming and we just run with what seems to be the most obvious choice; deck posts, vertical rail, and a top and bottom rail. You will see why a little bit of extra thought and consideration should be put into that final selection of deck railing.

We have been seeing some pretty neat trends in 2020. Homeowners are starting to look outside the box and are considering their surroundings and lifestyle and are synchronizing their deck railing options with that in mind. They are asking themselves, “Am I surrounded by woods or a lake and want the most unobstructed deck rail? Do I need extra safety for my kids and dog? Do I want a rustic or a sleek modern deck rail to accompany my home?” The questions are important and will help steer you towards a deck railing system that will best complement your home and lifestyle.

  • Cable Deck Rail System

This cable deck rail system comes in so many options. We have installed quite a bit of these recently because of its popular clean look. The sleek lines of cable wire allow maximum visibility while providing safety at the same time. These homeowners know they have a beautiful view and want to enjoy it. Their homes have the good fortune of being situated in a beautiful environment. Woods, lakes, oceans, and nature are their guests every day. The stainless-steel wires span from post to post and create a stunning finishing touch to a well-built deck. The railing posts themselves can be a variety of styles. They can be aluminum to pull it towards a modern style, or a chunky wood for a more rustic look, or even a durable composite railing that goes with your decking.

  • Glass Panel Deck Rail System

Glass panels are making a statement. Previously the glass paneled railing trends were mainly oceanside. Now, they are making a definite footprint in all environments. If you’ve got gorgeous woods, or open fields, or a well-kept and tidy city lot, you want to enjoy it. Glass panels provide maximum visibility. This glass railing system offers a clean look, maximum safety (constructed out of tempered glass), and even a shield from some of the elements. One of our deck salesmen was taking a measure recently and commented how much of a barrier the glass panels provided from the gusts of wind on that lakeside home.


One of the only cons of a glass railing system is keeping it clean. If you have several children, this is a point to consider. Most of us can relate here at our deck company. You want your beautiful deck to serve and please you and your family- not the other way around.

  • Traditional Deck Posts and Balusters

The traditional look of a beautiful post and rail system will always be in the game. This is, by far, the most popular choice available. In the composite world, this element of design has come a long way. Trex Transcends offers many choices. Close to twenty percent of our traditional deck railing sales would be the Trex Transcend deck railing system. This is a timeless look. This particular composite railing system can be customized in so many ways with colors, lighting, baluster options and cap systems. The only drawbacks are one, that because of its hollow construction, over time, the horizontal members of the railing tend to have a touch of sag and two, they can be a bit on the bulky side.

A majority of our sales in the traditional deck railing system are the Trex Signature line. These are sleek and not as bulky. This particular line features aluminum balusters that come in white, black, or bronze. They are structurally solid and really withstand the test of time.

  • Custom Aluminum Deck Railing System

Can we talk about modern and city? The metro vibe of this deck railing system is unmatched. The industrial look is accomplished by custom building an aluminum railing. It is important to work with a designer who has the experience and an eye for design when going with this system. The landscape is important. Seldom does a single system lend itself to such an environment as does the custom aluminum rail system. This homeowner lives in a loft apartment in Cleveland and has panoramic views of the city. In order to work with his lifestyle and views, this was the deck railing system to choose.

  • Stainless Steel Mesh with Aluminum Frame rail

This particular stainless-steel mesh rail lends itself perfectly to the home that is nestled in the forest with a wooded view all around. It also works with sweeping views of lakes and mountains. We are seeing this rail make its debut in other areas besides the Western United States. Often referred to as a hog rail, it is a perfect complement to a rustic home or one situated in the rolling landscapes of desert areas. Whatever your view, you can capitalize on it by installing a wire mesh rail with your frame of choice.

There are so many choices and combinations to choose from. With a little bit of brainstorming and thought, you can bring the look of your deck to the next level.

About the Author

About the Author

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