The Perfect Lighting Makes All the Difference

The Perfect Lighting Makes All the Difference

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April 22, 2024
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Embracing outdoor living begins on your deck. One of the most pleasant times of the day to spend on your deck outside is evening time. After leaving your workplace and coming home, the stresses of the demands you face all day fade away. Dinner is served outside on your deck and relaxation settles in. Day shifts to night, and you find yourself still lingering outside, trying to enjoy the last few minutes before darkness.

Nighttime does not have to end your enjoyment. Instead, nighttime can be one of the most magical times to be on your deck. There are so many lighting options in the market today and choosing the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle is important. What is the look you are going for? What function are you trying to meet? How many people will be on the deck at one time? Do you prefer a bright light that allows you complete visibility of your companions around you? Do you prefer the dusty notes of soft lighting that just barely illuminate your setting?

One of our highest selling items is low-voltage lighting. These are lights which are strategically placed in railings and on stair risers. These LED lights draw less than two watts per fixture, so they create a particular ambiance with their soft glow. One of the advantages of having these light fixtures installed on your deck is for safety. They enhance the perimeter of the deck and highlight stairs so that when you are outside at night, you do not have to worry about tripping or miscalculating distances on stairs. If you have a dog that enjoys being let out at night, this feature doubles as a safety measure for him, as well. Another benefit you can enjoy with low-voltage lighting is hands-off light activation. The transformer contains a photocell which automatically turns these lights on and off. These lights can be set on a timer so that they will turn off after a given amount of time. Low voltage lighting delivers just the right amount of light to illuminate the deck, without attracting pesky mosquitoes and moths, and without hindering your ability to stargaze. Lastly, these low voltage lights create a look for your deck and home that makes it stand out. Its hard to miss a deck with beautiful lines which are accentuated by just the right amount of lighting.

Another option for lighting your outdoor space is string lighting. These lights tend to be brighter than your traditional low-voltage lighting which is installed on your deck. These lights hang overhead and provide a festive mood for any occasion. String lighting is optimal for pergola and arbor-like structures but can also be installed with a minimally invasive system comprised of support posts and cable wire. The final look provides an airy and twinkling atmosphere for your gathering.

If you are one that prefers light and warmth, then a spark-free fire pit is the way to go. This option provides a single location for the light source, and a great spot around which the crowd will gather. The natural glow of flames and the warmth emitted is a magnet for any crowd. In addition to the flickering light, you get the warmth from the fire for chilly evenings. The only fire pit which is safe for deck use is a spark-free fire pit. These use natural gas or propane for flame. The beauty of these features is that they can be added after a deck project is completed. It is an option that does not have to happen at the time of deck construction. We do not ever recommend burning wood on your deck in fire pits meant for ground and concrete usage. For obvious reasons, it is extremely unsafe and will cause permanent and extensive damage if any kindling or ash flies out of the fire.

With so many choices available, it is good to consider several aspects of how you use your deck. How do you use your deck most? How many people are outside? What kind of a mood are you trying to evoke? Is safety at night a concern? Are aesthetics important to you? All these answers will point you to the type of lighting that best works for you.

About the Author

About the Author

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