Waterfall Stairs Deck


580 SQFT

Foggy Wharf

Trex Enhance Decking

Waterfall Stairs Deck

Having the ideal space outside doesn’t always mean it has to be the flashiest shape or the most extravagant layout. Choosing your deck colors and furniture serve a purpose to enhance your deck. We make it look like it came right out of a magazine. These homeowners decided to keep their layout simple, but the details boast a high-end modern feel. The Foggy Wharf decking with streaked texture gave a nice pattern to the deck, while the Clam Shell border made it pop even more. In addition, they added nice accented furniture to match the existing colors. Furniture is the icing on the cake, making the deck pop and feel even more inviting. We want each backyard oasis to be a place that welcomes a good time, whether in a book or at a family dinner

This family wanted something that would turn heads, but easy for youngsters to run around and be outside more than ever. With the yard already large, they needed something to complement their beautiful lush grass. We were happy to help this family accomplish their needs and wants, and now they have a wonderful place to grill out, play, and relax!

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