Tree Canopy Deck


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Tree Canopy Deck

Our clients’ existing deck was starting to slide down into a ravine. The slide had been gradual but steady, and as time went on, the deck had crept away from the house about three full inches. With the footers giving out, the frame had been stressed beyond repair and since most of the structure had been compromised, a total rebuild was required.

This, of course, opened the opportunity for a brand new deck design which was welcomed by our clients. To keep it from sliding in the future, we installed all new foundations. These were designed by a civil engineer and approved by the city building department, so our clients could rest assured that the deck was safe and code-compliant. This gave them the confidence to invest in the backyard they had always wanted.

A larger lower level was added, which also included a screened-in gazebo, and the upper level was expanded to allow better traffic flow. This deck had two large trees growing right through it. It was decided that the trees would stay and we would have to work around them.

Since the deck looked out over a stunning wooded backyard, cable railings were selected for their transparency so the view would be obscured as little as possible. Low-maintenance Trex decking was chosen for its rich, wood-like grain pattern and deep colors.

Having a ravine as your backyard can be beautiful, but it can also eliminate a lot of usable space. This deck solved the problem by adding a substantial amount of usable outside space for our clients to relax and enjoy the beautiful views from the comfort of their own backyard.

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