Treated Lumber Deck Re-Surfaced


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Treated Lumber Deck Re-Surfaced

Solid structures deserve a second chance that is my take. I see tons of wood decks each year that have solid framing, but the decks had not been maintained properly leaving all the exposed surfaces in bad shape. Most of the time the decking is not in a structural failure state, but the splinters, checking, warping, or paint layers make it visually unappealing.

In those cases, I recommend a deck re-surface. We remove all the decking, railing, and stairs and keep the frame. See We then install all new decking, railing, and stairs. This allows the structure to stay in place and give the deck a second chance.

More commonly, we re-surface old decks with low-maintenance decking products but we also offer wood decking as well. In this particular instance, our client chose to go this way since they preferred the warmth of real wood and did not mind keeping up the maintenance. Also, being near a pool they felt that it was a better choice since the decking will not hold as much heat. See However, on the railing, they wanted the look and low-maintenance of a powder-coated aluminum rail. This is a really good way to go since staining the decking is a breeze. It is the cutting in around all the railing parts that is the pain. With wood decking and a low-maintenance rail, you get to do the easy part.

The dark brown decking color and black railing went well with the home. The clients virtually got a new deck without the cost of replacing the structure and disturbing the surroundings.

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