Family Getaway Pool Deck


590 SQFT


Trex Decking

Family Getaway Pool Deck

The homeowners enjoy an above ground pool that the kids love, but worry about their safety getting in and out of the pool easily. This created their vision for a deck, one that safely allows the kids to jump into the water by making it completely flush with the pool. To solve this, the deck boards are custom fit to the pool’s shape and neatly placed under the lip of the pool edge to create a seamless look and transition between the two structures.

Once the access to the pool was figured out, then came the fun designing. The owners explained that they wanted a place to relax after a long day’s work—a place to spend with their family and enjoy on the evening and weekends. From that explanation, we came up with the idea to add a pergola. The pergola is wooden with vinyl wrap, securing the longevity of the structure. It adds shade over the social relaxation area, a great place to read a book! The family can now enjoy quality time and soak in the sun on there pool deck!

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