Custom Deck Fascia

Custom Deck Fascia

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April 22, 2024
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One of the most visible parts of any deck is its fascia. Fascia is the vertical band of material that borders below the deck surface. The main purpose of fascia on a composite deck is to conceal the outer rim joist and serve as a transition piece from deck to skirting.

Fascia material can come in various colors and sizes based on each application. When choosing fascia color for your deck, It’s typically a good idea to match either the railing or deck border color.

  • Azek – 1×10 white Azek is often the most popular choice for customers. Since Azek is 100% PVC, it can be easily attached to the rim joist with galvanized finish nails.
  • Another option is to use two deck boards as fascia. Customers often chose this option if they want to match an exact color to their decking, border, or railing.
  • The third type of fascia is tiered fascia. This is a signature detail that will make your deck stand out from your neighbors. Tiered fascia is simply stacking 1×4 piece of PVC on top of the 1×10 flat fascia described above. This will give a look, similar to crown molding in your house

If building a traditional treated lumber deck, fascia is not required since the rim joist can be stained matching the deck surface.

When it comes to selecting fascia, keep in mind these simple options to dress up one of the most noticeable parts of your deck.

About the Author

About the Author

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